CSS Screening (MPT) Mock 11

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CSS Screening (MPT) Mock 11

CSS Screening MCQs Book by Howtests is a perfect compilation of multiple-choice questions that all aspirants must prepare before sitting for the MPT exam. Since 2022, nearly 100 plus MCQs have been from the Howfiv website in the CSS Screening Test. So, at the Howtest website, all the questions have been turned into a PDF book for thousands of CSS aspirants so they can prepare and test them freely, anywhere, anytime. You can download this book with or without answers. All the questions in the book have been created and gathered by expert coaches at Howfiv. The coaches are the following: Sir Syed Kazim Ali (English Coach) Sir Rameez Ch. (Deputy Director) Miss Nirmal Hasni (DD NAB & CSS CA Coach) Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar (LRO & Lecturer) Miss Nimra Masood Miss Aleeny Khizer (PMS-19) Miss Saba Baloch (CSS-20) Miss Dr. Aimeen (CSS-19) Col. Aftab Capt. Imran Khan Capt. Ali Imran Miss Iqra Ali (CSS GSA Coach) And Many More

Published At: 2023-09-23
Author : Howtests
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