Land Revenue Laws for Tehsildar Exam MCQs

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By Advocate Amira Taj



Land Revenue Laws for Tehsildar Exam MCQs

The book Land Revenue Laws for Tehsildar Exam MCQs is best for Tehsildar Exams in Pakistan. It includes multiple-choice questions from the Punjab Land Revenue Act and Rules, Land Acquisition Act 1857, Punjab Tenancy Act 1887, Board of Revenue Act 1957, and Law related MCQs that PPSC has been asking for years. Miss Advocate Amira Taj, Miss Advocate Nida Munir, and Sir Advocate Farooq Iftikhar, the best lawyers and law teachers in Pakistan, have created these MCQs relevant to Tehsildar exams and created an online book, "Land Revenue Laws for Tehsildar Exam" to help aspirants prepare well for their examinations. This book is freely available; any student worldwide can download it with a single click. As the Howtests website aims to save millions of Pakistani CSS, PMS and competitive aspirants and One Paper Exams students from being exploited financially by the academies and publishers, it would help if you share this with other competitive aspirants.

Published At: 2023-10-20
Author : Advocate Amira Taj
Page Count: 46

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